OCA Art Featured in Gallery Show at Rollins


Ben’s Landscape- Magazine Print Collage

Today at OCA some of the participants in our AVT (Adult Vocational Training) Main Campus program and staff had the honor of attending an Art Gallery Show at Rollins College.  Hosted by Rollins RCC and headed by Professor Rachel Simmons, Dr. Anne Stone, Marissa Corrente & Meredith Ewen, the gallery show included art created by OCA participants as well as Rollins students.

Ward Hall

The Rollins Art Gallery Show was held in Ward Hall

As our OCA bus arrived at Rollins, the participants were enthralled by the beauty and excitement of being on a college campus, some for the first time ever!  Once we arrived at Ward Hall, we were greeted warmly by the Rollins RCC students and staff.  OCA Executive Director spoke with everyone about the incredible experience our participants have had working with OCA Art Club Leader and Rollins Bonner Leader, Meredith Ewen to prepare for the show.

20151202_093151_HDRWe then had the opportunity to walk around the gallery and look at the art work.  As the adult participants found their work displayed for everyone to see, they were proud and full of smiles that their work was being shared and enjoyed by everyone there.  Many of the participants were excited to see the variety of art that the Rollins students had in the show and appreciated being exposed to other forms of art.  The Rollins students did a great job interacting with the OCA adult participants and it was a terrific opportunity for the adults to work on their communication and social skills.

20151202_093908_HDR20151202_100245_HDRAfter looking at the art we were all treated to a wonderful brunch.  This provided our adult participants with an opportunity to work on their etiquette and functional living skills as each of us walked through the buffet line, making our own plate and choosing what we wanted to eat.  As we ate our breakfast in the social room of Ward Hall, we got to experience a typical college activity of socialization and discussing which art pieces we enjoyed seeing.

The entire experience at the Rollins Art Gallery Show was such a great opportunity for each of our adult participants to focus on their many abilities while having a typical experience in our community.  A huge thank you to everyone who played a part in making this happen- YOU made a difference in the life of someone with special needs!!  To see all of the photos from today’s Art Gallery Show, click HERE.



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My name is Shelly and I am the Marketing & Technology Coordinator for OCA: Opportunity, Community, Ability, Inc. in Orlando, FL. Our mission is to enable individuals and families with autism or other disabilities the opportunity to maximize their abilities through functional, behavioral, social, recreational and vocational programs to live within the community. Please check out our blog and learn more about how OCA can help you today!
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