OCA Eagles Bowling Team Strike Again!

Today at OCA was our last Special Olympics training for the Bowling season.  Almost every bowler on our team made a strike today!!  Clark & Tina are working towards learning to bowl without ramps.  They each were successful in accomplishing this great feat today.  Those bowling ball are heavier than they look!!


The OCA Eagles Special Olympics Athletes with Coach Carly

It’s been a great season with a lot of progress made for each of our athletes, so today we spent a lot of time being silly with our friends and having fun!  Tina, Fred & Jacob have been friends for years and really enjoyed all being together for practice each Wednesday this bowling season.

Bowling Fun

Fred & Jacob having fun hiding from Tina.

Last Saturday was Area Games.  Everyone on our team displayed some of their best bowling skills ever!!  We are awaiting news to find out whether we will advance to State Games.  Cheers to all of our Special Olympics athletes who work hard, have fun and accomplish great things!!  Click HERE to see all of the photos from Area Games last Saturday.

Carly C.
Special Olympics Bowling Coach


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My name is Shelly and I am the Marketing & Technology Coordinator for OCA: Opportunity, Community, Ability, Inc. in Orlando, FL. Our mission is to enable individuals and families with autism or other disabilities the opportunity to maximize their abilities through functional, behavioral, social, recreational and vocational programs to live within the community. Please check out our blog and learn more about how OCA can help you today!
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