After School Masquerade Fun!

Today at OCA, (okay, it was actually yesterday, but we ran out of time in the day and could’t post until this morning….) our After School program decided it was time to ring in our favorite fall holiday, Halloween, since October is right around the corner, in two days (now just 1), if you can believe it!!  A few of our After Schoolers broke out the color pencils and crayons and created some not-so-spooky masquerade masks to bring home to their families. With a few different styles and all sorts of color, there was no shortage of personal flair.


OCA After Schoolers getting creative.

Julian and Ian exchanged tips on the best shades of purple for their own masks. The debate of light purple vs smokee purple waged for only a few minutes before it was decided both are good colors to use. Ian, who’s normally a stickler in participating with crafts, seem to really enjoy himself in spirit of the fall season.


Julian & Ian getting creative with their masks.

Craft time always go over pretty well, giving everyone a chance to express themselves freely. It’s the perfect opportunity to work on sensory skill as well.  Especially for those with limited speech capabilities, like Phoebe who takes every opportunity she can to grab some paper and make beautiful art!

P and J

Jordan & Phoebe showing off their awesome masks!

Amanda G.
After School Program Direct Care Staff


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